DRINKEY - Financial and Ethical network that allows real-time gross settlements, remittances, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages

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    Fund Raised


    Tokens Distributed


    $ 2M

    Soft Cap

    $ 27M

    Hard Cap

    What is DRINKEY?

    Drinkey will be a decentralized financial and ethical ecosystem where remittances, real-time gross settlements, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages and realized by means of a digital currency that is backed by an underlying non-depleting physical asset or natural resource, in our case water.

    Safe And Secure

    Our Protocols keep the user accounts secure. No one can access your data without private keys.

    Most Secure Wallet

    Our secure wallets offer private exchange services using a licensed and regulated bank.


    DRINKEY offers 100% transparency in terms of coinage, technical features and future projects.


    It is so anonymous & private that you can’t even see the amount transacted between the different parties.

    Saving Costs

    There is no DRINKEY transaction and crypto exchange fee, no third-party service for creating and maintaining DRINKEY wallets.

    Products and Services

    Within our ecosystem, we offer three products with their underlying services


    -Financial Motives
    Construction and development of water assets to back our token XDK

    -Ethical Motives
    Construction and development of water assets to combat any form of water scarcity.


    -Water and Beverages Exchange Platform
    International brokers platform to allow the exchange of water and other beverages for cross-border settlements.
    -XDK Decentralized Exchange
    International platform for the exchange of our token XDK.
    -Smart Contracts
    Commercialising Drinkey’s technology to enable the development of other crypto assets against an annual fee


    -Decentralized P2P Payment System
    International real-time gross settlement system for B-B
    and B-C markets.
    -Remittance Network and Currency Exchange
    Send XDK to any country in the world or exchange XDK to any fiat or digital currency in the world.

    Drinkey Debit Cards

    The world’s only Visa card that lets you convert and spend your XDK, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP like traditional money. No hidden fees, no fuss.

    • Use in shops, bars, restaurants and online – or withdraw cash at ATMs anywhere Visa is accepted – NO CHARGE
    • Enjoy bank-beating exchange rates on transfers, no hidden fees or commission
    • Track your spending and manage your budget in app, with instant alerts
    • 3-D Secure enrolled
    • Connect your card to your XDK, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or XRP wallets and spend in them in everyday life
    • Instantly convert XDK, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and XRP to GBP, EUR and USD at live rates

    Never Pay again a charge for maintenance or exchange.
    Welcome to your financial freedom.

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    Our Mission

    Financial Mission

    Offering to the world a stable, decentralised and secure digital currency backed by a physical asset or natural resource, in our case water assets, to reduce high volatility on the market.

    Technological Mission
    Offering unique blockchain that is more innovative, secure and faster than our competitors on the market today.
    Closed Source = Proprietary Source Code

    Ethical Mission
    To battle and hopefully resolve the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade: Water Scarcity

    • Approximately 6000 people struggle surviving on a daily basis due to the lack of clean drinking water.
    • One-third of the global population live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least 1 month a year.
    • Half a billion people in the world face severe water scarcity all year round.
    • Half of the world’s largest cities experience water scarcity
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    DRINKEY Token Detail

    Here is all information about DRINKEY Tokens, Token distribution and Sale Proceed allocation.

    • Name:
    • Exchange Rate:
      1 XDK= 1.14 USD
    • Currencies Accepted:
    • Minimum Purchase:
      500 XDK
    • Total Supply:
      100,000,000 XDK


    • Starts:
      May 01, 2019 (00:00 GMT)
    • Ends:
      Jul 01, 2019 (23:59 GMT)
    • Soft Cap:
      1,500,000 USD
    • Hard Cap:
      27,000,000 USD

    Token Distribution

    • Token Distribution
    • Advisors & Partners
    • Company Reserve
    • Bounty
    • Team

    Sale Proceed Allocation

    • Software Development
    • Marketing
    • Operational Costs
    • R+D Platform Development

    DRINKEY Roadmap

    With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

    Q1    4 Months




    Draft Idea
    Assemble Team & Advisors


    Full registration
    patents & legal aspects


    Contact with innovations ark
    for smart contracts




    Source code
    Server Side

    Q2    3 Months




    IP Certification
    Client side
    APP IOS/Android


    PR High Budget


    Private Sale with
    Pre-Investment Contracts


    Digital & Social
    Media Marketing




    Completion and
    Funding Q2

    Q3    2 Months




    Launch ICO


    Completion ICO
    Round Closed


    Launch on



    Our Expert Team

    The DRINKEY Team combines a passion for providing Coin Holder value, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

    Franky Vandeweyer


    Jason Elish


    Helena Molina

    Assistant Director

    Zoë June

    Community Manager

    Pablo Yañez


    Jose valero


    Alex Mainwaing


    Robert Guill


    Martin shoetan


    Phillip Trevor


    Marian Stillum


    Eli Maskti


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below we’ve provided answers to some frequently asked questions about DRINKEY. Please complete the contact form below if you have any further questions.

    DRINKEY is a decentralized financial and ethical ecosystem where remittances, real-time gross settlements, currency exchange and the exchange of water and beverages are realized by means of a digital currency backed by an underlying non-depleting physical asset or a natural resource that is widely recognized as having intrinsic value.

    Follow us on any of the links provided on this page to see what is happening and progress made. We will provide weekly updates on all available forms of social media.

    Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Essentially, cryptocurrencies are limited entries in a database that no one can change unless specific conditions are fulfilled.

    Buying our DRINKEY token means you are partnering with us for our bright future. We will continually be working on new ideas and new technologies to better our partnership with you. There is no limit to what we can achieve with the DRINKEY brand. Being involved in the early stages of this platform puts you in the best position for when we are fully operational.

    You can join the crowdsale by creating a new account on our website and crediting your account with one of our accepted cryptocurrencies. Once you have your DRINKEY account funded, you may use that to purchase as many tokens as you wish once the crowdsale begins.

    You can use BTC, ETH many more major currencies through our website.

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